Studio74 May 2013

studio-74-Arncliffe-House-news It has certainly been an incredibly busy 12 months since Studio74 launched this site and it is unfortunate that our blog posts have not been as frequent as we had hoped for, but we are now set up and ready to keep you more regularly up to date.

If you are a keen twitter follower you can also find us under studio74_sydney where we regularly post updates on projects under construction, publications, new project news and anything about our work life at paradise Bundeena.

In 2012 we’ve seen a lot of interesting projects come through our practice and it has been exciting to oversee two of our bigger projects during construction. Both projects have been successfully completed and you can find images from the recent photo shoot on our works/residential link. Big thank you to our amazing photographer Douglas Frost @

Dulwich Hill House
Arncliffe House

A big thank you to our clients for giving us the opportunity to be so closely involved in the completion of these projects and hopefully you will be able to see them published over the coming months.

2013 has brought along several new residential projects, which have been very exciting to work on and in the meantime we still have projects at Council for DA approval. If all goes well you should see our first free-standing house completed by the end of the year.

For anyone local to Bundeena you would have noticed that our sign is finally up and we are hoping to complete the renovation of our own Studio and office space by the end of the year with a photo shoot of our own house and office to follow….

Thank you.
Adrian & Anja